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Why would ANYONE in there right mind create a new web page about an old synthesizer (which is what the SQ-80 is)? Well ... this beast is just so cool ... was ahead of it's time in many ways. After reading this if you are lucky enough to have one I hope you will get more use out of the thing. Additionally - I think of the SQ-80 as the starting off point for the OSP (OpenSynth Project). The SQ80 was such a good deal in it's day ... and is still holding it's own in many respects it is a good starting point for any new project.
This site is intended to be of use in programming, and use of NOT in the guts and fixing and the like. There is already an EXCELLENT website for that http://www.buchty.net/.
So just what is an SQ-80? Well it (was?) one of the first true music workstations. Including 8 voice poly timbrel synth sounds, "drum kits", a great sequencer, in a package that included a 61 note "weighted" action keyboard with POLYPHONIC aftertouch, disk drive and other goodies we will get into! If this had more "notes" at one time ... this would be modern even now! [There is a know fix for this too ... we well get to it eventually.] Oh Yah ... and you can load sequences and patches to/from a floppy drive (costs way less then a memory "card") ... and BTY: There are external memory "cards" too ... with no battery to fail!
This site is going to be a short course in synth programming, specifically the SQ-80, but many cowsepts will be usable by other synths, digital AND analogue. There might be a few things the SQ-80 can do that your synth can't and I'm sure that there are things a non-SQ-80 can do that the SQ-80 can't, however there are some things that are "in general" to all.
It should be noted that all sounds in the SQ-80 webpages were created with one SQ-80 at the same time. No exteral effects or overdubbing were used. Here are the "chapters" we will be covering.
  1. COWnecting the SQ80
  2. A Look @ voice structure
  3. The 75 waves
  4. Envelope Generators ("ADSR")
  5. DCAs (Digitally Controlled Amplifier)
  6. DCOs (Digitally Controlled Oscillator)
  7. DCF(Digitally Controlled filter)

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