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Digitaly Controlled Amplifiers.

SQ80 DCA controls

There are four (4) Digitally Controlled Amplifiers in the SQ80. These aplifiers do not make things louder - rather they control how soft the sounds are. Three DCAs control the output from the DCOs. The fourth, DCA4, controls the "final volume".
The first three DCA's each control the output from the same numbered DCO. DCA1 controls the output from DCO1, ... DCA3 controls the output from DCO3. DCO2 can be controlled by DCA2 most of the time. If AM=ON on the MODES page, the settings on DCA2 have no effect on DCO2.
Each of the first three DCA's have the following controls:
SQ80 DCA4 controlsDCA4 is often called the Final Volume Page. The Final volume page has two purposes: it controls the final volume of the sound and it controls the placement of the sound in left to right sterio space. Three controls are active on the DCA4 page: For example if the Pan Level (Manual) is set to 08, the PAN Modulator is set to KYBD 2, and the Pan Modulator Depth is set to +63 then playing up the keyboard from the lowest C to the Highet C will move the sound from the far Left to the far Right. If the Pan Modulator Depth is set to -63 then the Low C will be on the right, and the High C on the left.

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