I Like Cows. OK I am Cow Crazy.

I realy like cows. I am not a cow ... but I have a bull persona on line ]:8)

I really like cows some times when I go to work I have to work far away and I get to see cows. I can smell them before I see them. Seeing the cows makes it OK even if I have to drive 150 miles. There are many cows in Cowafornia. Over 1,200,000 cows giving milk every day. In total adding the amount of cows not giving milk, mostly because they are to young, there are between 1,400,000 and 1,800,000 milk cows in Cowafornia (your numbers and mileage may vary).

I have a cow (OK a steer) or two that lives with me and the SOC the Snake and the dulcimers. His name is Scrunchy Steer. Someone at work give him to me. Anyway here is his picture. He is soft and cuddly and scrunchy that is why his name is Scrunchy Steer!

What do you call a cow that has just calfed? Click here to find out!

Here are some cow photos I took ... you can use them for your own use ... but not for making money without my permission as all photos are (C) M. Weyl 1996-1999

Don't forget to check out the Team Penning and Even More Cows Pages!!! ]:8)

12 hour old calf and mom type cow

This little calf is less than 12 hours old. [That's part of the "after birth" hanging out of mom. This calf is real young!]

Moo cow looking at me AND her calf

Mom is keeping one eye on me and one on her calf

Calf drinking from mom

It all comes down to a long drink of fresh milk ... UMMM ]:8)

Following are some cows (and bulls and such) featured at the 1997 Del Mar Fair!

Two moos eating and chatting

Moo with Ear Tag 793

Cow Face

Cow deep in ... thought

Little Girl sitting back on her 4h type moo calf

Below are some Cow links I go to a lot ... there are many cow and bull links on the web ... but these are some I go to. You can E-Mail me if U find a good one ... and I will add it to the page perhaps.

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